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Kevin Hoffman's Blog I've been poking around at some of the documentation for Google's Android project. I've seen a couple of the code samples, read through a lot of the SDK documentation and I've even checked out a couple of YouTube videos, including this one: I also highly recommend that you check out the 3 architecture videos that you can find on YouTube. One of the engineers on the Android project takes us on a detailed walkthrough of the architecture of the platform, how applications work, and even shows us how memory, processes, activities, and state are managed. So here's what I've been able to take away as highlights from what I've read and seen: Notifications. Application code can be woken up when certain important events take place. This is something that I really liked about PalmOS in that it could wake your code up and do things necessary and then shu... (more)

Scrobbles, Diggs, Flickrs and Tags of Web 2.0 - Oh My!

Most of the main guiding principles behind Web 2.0 and all that goes with it can be boiled down to two things, in rank order.Does this application actually add value for me?In the course of adding value for myself, does the application implicitly add value to the community? The first principle is fairly obvious. The application has to be useful for someone to want to use it. Not only should it be useful, but it should be compelling, interesting, and it couldn't hurt to follow some of the new design styles and ideas floating around in the Web 2.0 space, including the use of dynami... (more)

Astoria Client Library Available for Silverlight 1.1 Alpha

Kevin Hoffman's Blog Before I begin, rush out and download this thing right now. Here's the link. As you probably know, Silverlight is Microsoft's new RIA technology platform. It purports to provide a single development platform that will allow you to deploy WPF-like rich applications to multiple operating systems through multiple browsers. For example, you can write your XAML and C# and deploy that to a server which can then be consumed by people using IE on Windows Vista or people using Safari on OS X (Tiger only right now, Leopard support is forthcoming). On the other hand, As... (more)

My iPhone Review - No Native IM which Sucks!

Before I review the actual iPhone itself, I want to get one thing out of the way. This is a note to every single cellular provider in this country - throw away all of your stupid kiosks and stores and let people buy your phones the way they can buy the iPhone. The process of buying an iPhone and activating it is so mind-numbingly simple that for the first time in my life, I actually felt somewhat good after activating a phone... a far cry from that nauseous, crampy feeling you get after being accosted, insulted, degraded, and delayed by every other phone reseller in the country. ... (more)

iPhone Price Cut? Here is My Objective View on This!

So yesterday I was happily catching up on my RSS feeds when I noticed that there was some Apple buzz. I took a look and saw some photos of the new iPod Touch, which is basically an iPhone that can only use WiFi instead of EDGE and obviously has no phone in it. It's quite impressive-looking. Then I noticed that Apple is no longer going to make any more 4GB iPhones, they're selling off their remaining stock at discount. Then I noticed that Apple has dropped the price of the 8GB iPhones by $200. I shrugged and kept skimming through my RSS feeds and then went back and noticed that a... (more)