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Kevin Hoffman's Blog Lately there seems to be a lot of buzz around the whole Flex, Flash, Apollo environment for creating extremely powerful, cross-platform RIAs (Rich Interactive Application). In the interest of fairness and objectivity, I've been reserving judgement until I got a chance to really play more with Flex. Likewise, I hadn't really made any judgements about WPF/E yet, either. So, when I read today that Microsoft had changed the name of WPF/E to Silverlight, I got a little excited. Why? Because by changing that name, it sounded a little bit like Microsoft had finally decided they were going to throw down the gauntlet and try and compete directly with Flex. I went and saw that Microsoft had re-skinned their WPF/E developer page and it was now called the "Silverlight Developer Zone" , which looked promising. Even more interesting was that there was now a dow... (more)

Another Day Another Codename - Astoria and Jasper!

Kevin Hoffman's Blog Microsoft has been getting a lot of press lately. From the announcement of their decision to Open Source some of the Dynamic Language Runtime (the tool that powers the IronPython thing in Silverlight) to the announcement that the ADO.NET Entity Framework will not ship as part of Orcas (don't even get me started on my opinion of that announcement!) - MS has been getting a lot of write-ups and a lot of blog treatment - some good, some bad. Jasper This is a set of components and stack-on code that, from what I can tell, provides an incredibly "Rails-like" experie... (more)

iPhone Price Cut? Here is My Objective View on This!

So yesterday I was happily catching up on my RSS feeds when I noticed that there was some Apple buzz. I took a look and saw some photos of the new iPod Touch, which is basically an iPhone that can only use WiFi instead of EDGE and obviously has no phone in it. It's quite impressive-looking. Then I noticed that Apple is no longer going to make any more 4GB iPhones, they're selling off their remaining stock at discount. Then I noticed that Apple has dropped the price of the 8GB iPhones by $200. I shrugged and kept skimming through my RSS feeds and then went back and noticed that a... (more)

Scrobbles, Diggs, Flickrs and Tags of Web 2.0 - Oh My!

Most of the main guiding principles behind Web 2.0 and all that goes with it can be boiled down to two things, in rank order.Does this application actually add value for me?In the course of adding value for myself, does the application implicitly add value to the community? The first principle is fairly obvious. The application has to be useful for someone to want to use it. Not only should it be useful, but it should be compelling, interesting, and it couldn't hurt to follow some of the new design styles and ideas floating around in the Web 2.0 space, including the use of dynami... (more)

Orcas' Hidden Gem - The Managed PNRP Stack

Kevin Hoffman's Blog Lately there's been a lot of buzz about Orcas. You keep hearing about Silverlight and the Entity Framework and Jasper and Astoria and who knows how many other code names. One of the things that you don't hear about is PNRP. Why? I haven't the faintest idea because this is some of the coolest stuff to surface as a .NET API since .NET 1.0 reshaped our opinion of streams. While experimenting with Orcas, I noticed that the PNRP (Peer Name Resolution Protocol) did in fact have a managed API. It is exposed through System.Net.PeerToPeer in the Beta 1 bits. PNRP is ba... (more)