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Kevin Hoffman's Blog Recently, I posted an article that basically pointed out that online journalist Mary Jo Foley had posted an article that was really a bunch of sensationalist clickbaiting, claiming that Leopard was ripping off Vista. Anybody that uses "Cupertino, Start your Photocopies" and "Leopard looks like Vista" in their blog post is not making an attempt at decent objective journalism. If you posted that stuff in a forum, you'd be labelled a troll. So today I noticed that Mary Jo Foley has posted another article (I won't link to it because I think she and her company get paid simply for referred clicks...if you want the link I'm sure you can find it). Here are some juicy bits from her second article: "Admittedly, my headline choice (“Leopard looks like … Vista”) for my original blog posting was poor."  - Actually, the headline choice was... (more)

Microsoft Unveils an MVC Framework for ASP.NET

Kevin Hoffman's Blog Just this morning I saw a blog post containing some details about Microsoft's new and upcoming MVC framework for ASP.NET. I'm actually a little shocked - the sheer amount of "stuff" that is being piled into the Visual Studio 2008 release is positively staggering, though technically this looks like it will be released as an "add-on" to Visual Studio 2008 sometime in early '08. Some of the highlights of the MVC framework appear to be: It will use .aspx as a view engine and nothing more - controllers will be contained elsewhere. I think this is huge. Anybody who h... (more)

My Leopard Installation Experience

I've actually seen a few reports of people having trouble with the upgrade - their computer hangs at the bootup screen for hours on end. Since I didn't "upgrade" (like a good boy, I reformatted and started over) I didn't experience the hour-long hangs, however, I did experience some delays during boot. The first time I inserted the Leopard disc and it prompted me to click the button to restart, I waited for about 20 minutes at the "grey screen" waiting for the Apple logo to appear. After powering down the laptop, ejecting the CD, and starting the process over again, everything w... (more)

Upgrading the default ASP.NET MVC project with IoC and the Unity Controller Factory

The ASP.NET MVC framework is one of the coolest things to happen to ASP.NET since its creation. One of the things that I love about the MVC framework more than anything else is its flexibility. This flexibility allows it to be configured anyway the developer likes, including replacing the factory that creates controllers. There are two main things that I wanted to accomplish with the Unity integration. The first was that I wanted my controllers to have the objects on which they depend injected into them in standard DI fashion. Secondly, I wanted the controllers themselves to be ... (more)

Creating and Manipulating Your SQL Azure Database

So after the long and torturous wait, you're now in the SQL Azure CTP and you are ready to get the ball rolling with your fabulous, shiny new cloud-based SQL database server. Now what? Well, the first thing you're going to need to do is create a database. To do that, you'll go to sql.azure.com and follow the directions to sign in - if you haven't already supplied the invite key you'll need to supply it after you sign in the first time. Select your project and click on it. At this point you'll see a pretty sparse management screen with two tabs: databases and firewall settings. O... (more)