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Kevin Hoffman's Blog Check out the following article:  http://ajax.sys-con.com/read/375328.htm If you just add the name "Kevin Hoffman" to the list of people who will be on that panel, the article will read correctly. I am going to be discussing Silverlight during the panel. Keep in mind that I don't think any of us are there to shoot down or laud any one particular technology, my thinking is that we will have a really productive, educational and informative discussion about RIAs, the technologies currently available for building them, and what the future of RIAs might look like given the current technologies for implementation. In any case, it looks like it should be fun and hopefully enlightening. Tune in! tags: tv  video  syscon  ria  flex  silverlight  javafx links: digg this  del.icio.us  technorati  reddit ... (more)

Will Google's Android Sink or Swim?

Kevin Hoffman's Blog I've been poking around at some of the documentation for Google's Android project. I've seen a couple of the code samples, read through a lot of the SDK documentation and I've even checked out a couple of YouTube videos, including this one: I also highly recommend that you check out the 3 architecture videos that you can find on YouTube. One of the engineers on the Android project takes us on a detailed walkthrough of the architecture of the platform, how applications work, and even shows us how memory, processes, activities, and state are managed. So her... (more)

Is The Wii A Glimpse At What Web 3.0 Might Be Like?

The current rage is all about community building and social software, especially using the Internet (I refuse to call it the web) as the backbone for such community building. I think devices like the Wii represent the next step in social software. If you've been reading this blog for a while, then you probably know that one of my interests is Web 2.0 and social software. I find the concept fascinating and I've been absorbing everything related to Web 2.0 like a sponge. You may also know that lately I've been dissapointed with the so-called Web 2.0 offerings that have been appeari... (more)

Thoughts on iPhone Hacking

Lately there's been a lot of buzz about the iPhone and people hacking it so that it can be used on different carriers and so that they can install third party apps (or possibly create their own) onto the phone itself. Apple has released a statement that indicates that when iPhones receive an update (I think next week), if the iPhone has been hacked and decoupled from AT&T, that the phone is going to turn into a pretty expensive brick. There are really two different kinds of hacking going on here. The first kind is where people use applications of varying degrees of difficulty (it'... (more)

Leopard Code Sample: A Bound NSCollectionView

Leopard introduces a bunch of amazingly powerful new controls, but one of my favorite new controls is the NSCollectionView. This control works a lot like the FlowLayoutPanel if you're familiar with Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF). It essentially is a layout container responsible for laying out a collection of subviews. You can either manually create the subview collection, or you can set the content array of the NSCollectionView. This is a really powerful option because if you can set the content array, you can also bind it. For this demo, I've bound the content array of th... (more)