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Kevin Hoffman's Blog Microsoft has been getting a lot of press lately. From the announcement of their decision to Open Source some of the Dynamic Language Runtime (the tool that powers the IronPython thing in Silverlight) to the announcement that the ADO.NET Entity Framework will not ship as part of Orcas (don't even get me started on my opinion of that announcement!) - MS has been getting a lot of write-ups and a lot of blog treatment - some good, some bad. Jasper This is a set of components and stack-on code that, from what I can tell, provides an incredibly "Rails-like" experience to ADO.NET. They are referring to this as "dynamic ADO.NET", which means that it requires a dynamic language runtime (The DLR currently drives IronPython 1.1) in order to work. This means that objects in Jasper are generated dynamically and on the fly in order to match the underlying ent... (more)

How To Create a Silverlight App That Consumes a POX Service

Kevin Hoffman's Blog I realize that it might be a little early to evaluate the overall experience of doing something like this on a piece of Alpha software, but, I figure if Microsoft is going to assault the developer community with so many betas, alphas, gammas, zetas, and whatever else they can find - its my right as a developer to try out every last one of those products, alpha or otherwise. First off, it might be worth it to note that there is a Silverlight "Quick Start" for performing this task. The problem is that the Quick Start sucks. It actually tells you to go off and fo... (more)

Silverlight and Astoria - First Impressions

Kevin Hoffman's Blog As you know, Silverlight is a new RIA enabling technology from Microsoft. Slightly less publicized but no less impactful is another technology from Microsoft - Astoria. Astoria is a tool that combines the power of the ADO.NET Entity Framework with the new enhanced power of RESTful POX services using WCF. In short, an Astoria service is a WCF service that sits on top of an Entity Model that allows you to hit services with URLs that look something like this: http://server/service.svc/Customers/Orders[TotalAmount>25.50] This will return a bunch of XML correspondi... (more)

Astoria Client Library Available for Silverlight 1.1 Alpha

Kevin Hoffman's Blog Before I begin, rush out and download this thing right now. Here's the link. As you probably know, Silverlight is Microsoft's new RIA technology platform. It purports to provide a single development platform that will allow you to deploy WPF-like rich applications to multiple operating systems through multiple browsers. For example, you can write your XAML and C# and deploy that to a server which can then be consumed by people using IE on Windows Vista or people using Safari on OS X (Tiger only right now, Leopard support is forthcoming). On the other hand, As... (more)

iPhone Developer Landscape After the iPhone SDK Announcement

So Steve Jobs has finally announced the availability of the iPhone SDK. It will be available sometime in February of 2008. First, before I go on, I want to counter a lot of the press and blog comments stating that the release of the SDK is a reversal or some kind of about face. If anybody had done their homework, they would know that Steve Jobs himself stated that he wanted to create an environment that supported native 3rd party app development, but that they didn't have it "right" just yet, and that he wanted people to be patient. Obviously, he didn't remember that patience is ... (more)