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Lately there's been a lot of buzz about the iPhone and people hacking it so that it can be used on different carriers and so that they can install third party apps (or possibly create their own) onto the phone itself. Apple has released a statement that indicates that when iPhones receive an update (I think next week), if the iPhone has been hacked and decoupled from AT&T, that the phone is going to turn into a pretty expensive brick. There are really two different kinds of hacking going on here. The first kind is where people use applications of varying degrees of difficulty (it's actually getting pretty easy now...) to "jailbreak" the iPhone, which allows foreign software to be installed on it. This is where people will install RSH so they can then copy binaries over to the iPhone which can be run from the main home screen. The goal of this form of hacking is to be... (more)

Configuration Settings in Azure Applications

One of the double-edged swords of Azure is that it feels so much like building regular web applications. This is a good thing in that you can re-use so much of your existing skills, knowledge, and best practices and they will still apply in the Azure world. However, it is really easy to make assumptions about how things work that turn out to be wrong. For example, if you look at just about 99% of the Azure samples, blogs, and other reference material, you will see stuff that looks like the code below, sitting right inside web.config: more)

LINQ to SQL and Entity Framework on top of SQL Azure

As mentioned in my previous blog post, you don't get full designer support on SQL Azure within SQL Server Management Studio. In addition, you don't get designer support for LINQ to SQL or Entity Framework, either. So what do you do if you want to take advantage of these awesome object mapping tools but the designers don't work directly against the cloud? Conveniently enough, if you follow the tips in the previous blog post, you would have already created a local copy of your SQL Azure database. The "trick" (not really a trick at all, just not immediately obvious) is to point you... (more)

iPhone Will Make Mobile AJAX and Web 2.0 Happen

Kevin Hoffman's Blog (June 11, 2007) - This morning I got to watch Steve Jobs in person do his thing, complete with reality distortion field. Despite rumors to the contrary, I felt no brainwashing tug on my mind, and felt no involuntary compulsion to buy whatever it was Steve was up there selling. I was watching a charismatic CEO do a presentation on some really cool new stuff coming out from Apple. Click here to register for AJAXWorld He started the show off with a Mac vs. PC ad where the PC guy was dressed like Steve Jobs. It was a pretty funny ad and I'm sure everyone will have... (more)

Mary Jo Foley on the Defensive From Her WWDC Article

Kevin Hoffman's Blog Recently, I posted an article that basically pointed out that online journalist Mary Jo Foley had posted an article that was really a bunch of sensationalist clickbaiting, claiming that Leopard was ripping off Vista. Anybody that uses "Cupertino, Start your Photocopies" and "Leopard looks like Vista" in their blog post is not making an attempt at decent objective journalism. If you posted that stuff in a forum, you'd be labelled a troll. So today I noticed that Mary Jo Foley has posted another article (I won't link to it because I think she and her company get... (more)