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You might be thinking, pfft, I'm never going to need to use Binary Serialization...that's old school. And you might be right, but think about this: Azure Storage charges you by how much you're storing and some aspects of Azure also charge you based on the bandwidth consumed. Do you want to store/transmit a big-ass bloated pile of XML or do you want to store/transmit a condensed binary serialization of your object graph? I'm using Blob and Queue storage for several things and I've actually got a couple of projects going right now where I'm using binary serialization for both Blobs and Queue messages. The problem shows up when you try and use the BinaryFormatter class' Serialize method. This method requires the Security privilege, which your code doesn't have when its running in the default Azure configuration. So how do you fix this problem so that you can successful... (more)

Microsoft Tag - Just another CueCat Failure?

Background info on CueCat, in case you weren't one of the millions of people who ripped them open, disabled the tracking ID, and hooked them up to your Linux boxes: CueCat page on WikiPedia. So now Microsoft has let their new technology, called simply Tag, out of beta and unleashed it on the public. In this blog post , Microsoft discusses the release of the technology. Basically the way it works is you point your Tag-enabled device at a Tag (which look like square pictograms, almost like a hieroglyphic random-dot stereogram). When your device recognizes the Tag and decodes it, i... (more)

Silverlight and Astoria - First Impressions

Kevin Hoffman's Blog As you know, Silverlight is a new RIA enabling technology from Microsoft. Slightly less publicized but no less impactful is another technology from Microsoft - Astoria. Astoria is a tool that combines the power of the ADO.NET Entity Framework with the new enhanced power of RESTful POX services using WCF. In short, an Astoria service is a WCF service that sits on top of an Entity Model that allows you to hit services with URLs that look something like this: http://server/service.svc/Customers/Orders[TotalAmount>25.50] This will return a bunch of XML correspondi... (more)

My Appearance in the "RIA Shootout" on SYS-CON.TV

Click here to view this program Hopefully you saw me during the RIA Shootout that was held live yesterday from the Times Square TV Studio in the Reuters building. The panel discussion was all about RIAs, the future of RIAs, AJAX, where it's all headed and what the landscape looks like. In attendance were Java folks, a representative from Adobe who works in the Flex division, an open source advocate, Coach Wei (the founder of the OpenAJAX alliance and CTO/Founder of Nexaweb), and Roger Strukhoff, SYS-CON Publisher, who hosted and moderated the event. Oh, and me. I was there too :)... (more)

Mary Jo Foley on the Defensive From Her WWDC Article

Kevin Hoffman's Blog Recently, I posted an article that basically pointed out that online journalist Mary Jo Foley had posted an article that was really a bunch of sensationalist clickbaiting, claiming that Leopard was ripping off Vista. Anybody that uses "Cupertino, Start your Photocopies" and "Leopard looks like Vista" in their blog post is not making an attempt at decent objective journalism. If you posted that stuff in a forum, you'd be labelled a troll. So today I noticed that Mary Jo Foley has posted another article (I won't link to it because I think she and her company get... (more)