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Cloud Hosting Journal on Ulitzer Yesterday a friend of mine was asking me what I've been doing lately in my spare time. When I mentioned that I'd been doing a lot of messing around with Windows Azure, he was naturally curious. After explaining what Azure is, he asked me what the difference was between Windows Azure, a cloud computing environment, and traditional web hosting scenarios. On a really high level, he's got a valid point : With Azure you can develop your application offline locally and then when you're done you can publish it to a remote host. To the casual observer, this looks exactly like what you might do with a web hosting company that provides space on an IIS box and let's you use ASP.NET and maybe even a little SQL server database. The beauty, of course, is that to the end user it doesn't matter. To someone using your website, they don't (and shouldn'... (more)

Creating Correlated Workflow Services in WF4 / .NET4 : Part 1

In the past, Windows Workflow Foundation hasn't gotten a (deservedly so) bad reputation for being full of needless bloat, overly complicated, and missing a lot of key things that make workflow productive for developers. As a result of that, Microsoft completely overhauled WF in the .NET Framework 4.0. One of the new features of WF4 is the concept of a workflow service. A workflow service is really nothing more than a workflow that is hosting WCF endpoints within the activity. This allows the workflow to progress from start to finish by communicating with external clients, such as... (more)

What is an iPhone Application?

This is the first article in a series that I plan on writing about iPhone application development. The first thing you should know is that these articles will not cover anything related to taking existing content sites and making them more "iPhone-friendly". While I think that is a valuable topic, it has little interest to me as a programmer. If I was a website manager, then it might have more interest to me. There are plenty of online resources for making your web content more iPhone-friendly and the fact that the iPhone runs a full version of Safari makes this a somewhat minor ... (more)

Using My HDTV as a Second Monitor

Kevin Hoffman’s Blog During my last trip to Best Buy, on a whim I picked up a DVI-to-HDMI connector (male DVI, female HDTV). This little doohickey plugs into the side of my Macbook Pro and then I plug the HDMI cable into that. I run the other end of the HDMI cable into the HDTV and I get something that is pretty awesome. I'm sure all of you techheads and mediaphiles have been doing this for years but I'm generally a little behind the times. I was expecting to get the same experience I get when I plug in a projector, where the projector and the main monitor become synchron... (more)

iPhone Developer's Journal - AppleInsider Reveals Details of My WWDC Presentation

Here is the complete article in case you haven't yet seen it. There are a couple of interesting things going on here that I want to discuss. First is the issue of NDA breaking. I've been asked about this a LOT, especially with regard to iPhone development. It seems that though pretty much everyone on the planet thinks the iPhone SDK NDA is unreasonable and that Apple should lift it and blah blah. Here's my thoughts on NDAs in general: An NDA is something that you volunteer for, it is willful act, you must choose to agree to the terms of the NDA. No one is forcing you to do it, ... (more)