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Kevin Hoffman's Blog I realize that it might be a little early to evaluate the overall experience of doing something like this on a piece of Alpha software, but, I figure if Microsoft is going to assault the developer community with so many betas, alphas, gammas, zetas, and whatever else they can find - its my right as a developer to try out every last one of those products, alpha or otherwise. First off, it might be worth it to note that there is a Silverlight "Quick Start" for performing this task. The problem is that the Quick Start sucks. It actually tells you to go off and follow the directions for creating a basic ASP.NET Web Service - which is wrong. In order to do this, you need to create a POX service using Orcas, not a WSDL-spewing bloat machine like the default ASP.NET .asmx services. The key to creating a POX service with Orcas are a couple of attributes t... (more)

Orcas' Hidden Gem - The Managed PNRP Stack

Kevin Hoffman's Blog Lately there's been a lot of buzz about Orcas. You keep hearing about Silverlight and the Entity Framework and Jasper and Astoria and who knows how many other code names. One of the things that you don't hear about is PNRP. Why? I haven't the faintest idea because this is some of the coolest stuff to surface as a .NET API since .NET 1.0 reshaped our opinion of streams. While experimenting with Orcas, I noticed that the PNRP (Peer Name Resolution Protocol) did in fact have a managed API. It is exposed through System.Net.PeerToPeer in the Beta 1 bits. PNRP is ba... (more)

Issues with Acropolis...

Kevin Hoffman's Blog I have been poking around inside Acropolis for a little while now and have been attempting to make it work for some sample, proof-of-concept style apps. Basically whenever I get a new technology in my grubby little hands, I don't stick to "Hello World" apps, I try and simulate a real-world app and see what happens. I've come across a couple of things that I really dislike about Acropolis. One of them I think is a design issue that might be personal taste (it might be influenced by my exposure to Cocoa, you be the judge). The other I think is a massive, gaping... (more)

How to Instantiate and Manipulate Classes at Runtime in C# and Objective-C

I was writing some code where I needed to create an instance of an object and then set some values for properties on that object. Seems like a pretty easy task, if you know the class type (and have a reference to it) at compile-time, but what do you do if all you have is a string representing the name of the class, and strings representing the names of various properties? Of course, as a .NET programmer, I know that I can use Reflection. I have to ensure that I have a reference to the class that I intend to instantiate, but I can instantiate the class by name (provided I know the ... (more)

Time to Build iPhone Applications Using Web 2.0 Technologies!

Kevin Hoffman's Blog I was sitting down the other night contemplating what I was going to do for a good sample iPhone application when I realized, I'm not just building an iPhone application anymore. That's right - I'm actually building applications that work on the iPod Touch as well. Seriously, let's run this down bullet-style: iPod touch comes with Wi-Fi access iPhone comes with Wi-Fi access and EDGEiPod touch comes with Safari iPhone comes with SafariiPod touch has multi-touch interface, which includes tapping, pinching and flicking iPhone has multi-touch interface So, for th... (more)