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Kevin Hoffman's Blog Lately there's been a lot of buzz about Orcas. You keep hearing about Silverlight and the Entity Framework and Jasper and Astoria and who knows how many other code names. One of the things that you don't hear about is PNRP. Why? I haven't the faintest idea because this is some of the coolest stuff to surface as a .NET API since .NET 1.0 reshaped our opinion of streams. While experimenting with Orcas, I noticed that the PNRP (Peer Name Resolution Protocol) did in fact have a managed API. It is exposed through System.Net.PeerToPeer in the Beta 1 bits. PNRP is basically a service registry. Whenever you have a service that has become available that you want other clients on your network to know about, you register that information with PNRP. The great thing about PNRP is that you don't need a server like you do with DNS. You register the peer name wi... (more)

What Code Do You Want To See Written in Leopard?

Kevin Hoffman's Blog Now that Leopard is out and everyone is, I suspect, feverishly reformatting their laptops and desktops to install the retail copy of Leopard, developers can finally start sharing their Leopard code samples. Rather than me sitting around making up stupid reasons why such-and-such code sample might be useful to you, I figured I would ask what code you want to see written in Leopard. Keep in mind that I will not write code samples that do not use garbage collection or the new property syntax, so you'll just have to suffer through that. I was thinking more along ... (more)

Why Silverlight 2 Could Be Far More Important Than You Think

Silverlight has had a checkered past already and it has only been around for a short period of time. Silverlight 1.0 came out and most people responded with a collective WTF!? It was a plug-in that basically did little more than play videos. Sure, if you were REALLY, REALLY into self-mutilation you could use a combination of JavaScript, CSS, and some Silverlight primitives to make things look "application-like", but it was really, really insufficient. People wanted to know why MS would release a Flash competitor that didn't do anything that Flash did. Shortly (and I do mean shor... (more)

Upgrading the default ASP.NET MVC project with IoC and the Unity Controller Factory

The ASP.NET MVC framework is one of the coolest things to happen to ASP.NET since its creation. One of the things that I love about the MVC framework more than anything else is its flexibility. This flexibility allows it to be configured anyway the developer likes, including replacing the factory that creates controllers. There are two main things that I wanted to accomplish with the Unity integration. The first was that I wanted my controllers to have the objects on which they depend injected into them in standard DI fashion. Secondly, I wanted the controllers themselves to be ... (more)

Mary Jo Foley Thinks Leopard is a Photocopy of Vista - Film at 11

Kevin Hoffman's Blog Let's take a look at Mary's points one by one, shall we? New desktop. I'm not sure why she thinks this looks like Aero... Vista's sidebar doesn't do nearly the amount of stuff that Leopard's dock does. The sidebar is not a place for maintaining current tasks and open documents... in short, Vista's sidebar has NOTHING to do with Leopard's dock - they serve two different purposes. Coverflow looks identical to Flip3d. Obviously Mary Jo Foley doesn't spend too much time looking at user interfaces. With Flip 3D, I can see one item clearly, and all the rest are obs... (more)