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Kevin Hoffman's Blog Ever since the iPhone was first displayed, people have been wondering if there was going to be any kind of Flash support for the iPhone. Initially, I think the response from Jobs was "maybe", but I took that as a "nope." There are hundreds of reasons why Flash doesn't make sense on the iPhone, but I'll run through a couple of my own opinions as to why Flash, in its current state, is not a good fit for the iPhone. File System. The Flash Plugin simply assumes the presence of a file system to which it has (limited, isolated, and secure) access. The iPhone file system is not open. Unlike Windows Mobile, you can't pop open an explorer window and browse around the contents of your phone. Processing Power. The iPhone has a processor that is designed to be optimized for limited power consumption. The version of OS X that runs on the iPhone is designed to ... (more)

Silverlight 2 - Adobe Flex Killer Is on Its Way!

First off, let me just say that I've been waiting for this day for almost a year now. When Silverlight 1.0 came out, I was terribly disappointed but I was also really eager as well. I saw potential in that JavaScript-only cross-platform runtime. When Silverlight 1.1 came out (which I think was actually only a few days after 1.0) as an alpha, I was even more intrigued and excited. Sure, it had no controls, no layout panels, and no data binding, and very little networking support - but it ran with a .NET CLR back-end, and it was cross-platform. I was writing C# code in Visual Studi... (more)

Silverlight and Astoria - First Impressions

Kevin Hoffman's Blog As you know, Silverlight is a new RIA enabling technology from Microsoft. Slightly less publicized but no less impactful is another technology from Microsoft - Astoria. Astoria is a tool that combines the power of the ADO.NET Entity Framework with the new enhanced power of RESTful POX services using WCF. In short, an Astoria service is a WCF service that sits on top of an Entity Model that allows you to hit services with URLs that look something like this: http://server/service.svc/Customers/Orders[TotalAmount>25.50] This will return a bunch of XML correspondi... (more)

Hot and Steamy Mac on Vista Action

In homage to one of the best subject lines I've seen in my spam-filtered trash box in a long time, I decided to write a post on doing some cross-platform dynamic service discovery using Zeroconf. Most of the subject lines of the spam that I get aren't related to Macs or Vista, but they're funny nonetheless. It is basically a multicast DNS protocol that provides for dynamic service publication and discovery. You've probably heard of various implementations of Zeroconf as Bonjour (formerly Rendezvous) and Avahi. What I really like about Bonjour isn't that you can use it to discover ... (more)

Meebo on My iPhone A Useable IM Client

Kevin Hoffman's Blog Just thought I would send up a quick post to let people know that I've just tried out Meebo on my iPhone. It takes a few seconds to get signed in, but once you're in, it's actually quite nice. Single-click a buddy to open a chat window with them. Double-tap the blue screen region to zoom out, then you can double-tap the newly opened buddy window to zoom into that region. Once you're zoomed in there you can use the on-screen keyboard (I switch to landscape mode for this because the keys are slightly wider in landscape mode). click the "Go" button to send your ... (more)